Distributed teams


“Working with distributed teams: the job of my dreams”- Noemi Fernández

When TechAID contacted me for a job interview, one of the things that called my attention the most was the idea of...

By Noemi Fernandez 09/03/2019 1

Tips to Make it through a Quarantine

For many people out there, the idea of not leaving your house and being stuck within the confinement of 4 walls is...

By Alex Dillon 03/17/2020 0

How to grow your business without blowing your budget

As an entrepreneur, the main focus of your business should be to maximize its growth potential without having to...

By Maria Tejeda 06/23/2020 0

Budget Benefits of Working with a Remote Team

Working remotely has long been an option for many people around the world. They are able to stay home or travel, all...

By Maria Tejeda 08/27/2020 0