XPATH: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Picture this. You’re writing a test script that needs to click a link to verify its functionality, but that button...

By Mike Arias 04/11/2019 0

How to run tests remotely in BrowserStack with Selenium

BrowserStack is one of several services that can be used to run a test remotely. Imagine the possibility of testing...

By Mike Arias 08/18/2019 0

Dynamic Web Elements: How to interact with them?

¿Have you ever mapped an element in your page object, it runs awesome the first time and then… Does it just stop...

By Mike Arias 02/27/2020 0

Selenium: The Quick and Dirty Guide

  With so many huge tutorials about building huge Selenium Frameworks using the Page Object Model and other fancy...

By Mike Arias 05/14/2020 0

What are APIs? And How can they enhance your testing?

An API (Application programming interface) is a set of tools that are used to build software and also make them...

By Manuel Marinez 07/16/2020 5

If Clauses vs. ASSERT Statements – When to use which one?

If clauses and ASSERT statements serve different, yet similar functions. The goal of this article is to establish once...

By Mike Arias 09/17/2020 6

API Testing Tools: An Example-Based Guide

  For API testing, there are many tools out there that let you perform the test and collect the results. In this...

By Manuel Marinez 03/29/2021 2

Negative Testing with Selenium

Sometimes our automated tests need to dig a bit deeper. Sometimes, we need to validate more than just the happy path....

By Mike Arias 10/30/2018 3