What is the Context-Driven Testing

Let us formulate the following questions in our head: Do we know the importance of context driving testing? What are...

By Diana Chavez 03/18/2019 1

Why complete Automated Coverage is actually a bad idea

Wouldn’t it be nice to have 100% coverage of a system with automated tests? Imagine it. Not having to do any manual...

By Mike Arias 04/01/2019 0

XPATH. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Picture this. You’re writing a test script that needs to click a link to verify its functionality, but that button...

By Mike Arias 04/11/2019 1

How to design Good Manual Tests for any feature ?

Picture this, you’re in a team working on a new product and you need to design a test plan for it. It’s the first...

By Mike Arias 05/07/2019 1