What we Offer

We specialize in Software Testing with a context driven approach



Functional Testing

Functional testing is a meticulous procedure where our testers employ systematic, rational, and creative reasoning to assess, record, and determine the functionality of your product.

In harmony with a requirement-based approach, our skilled testers will furnish you with information about the operational readiness of your product that is most pertinent to you.



Automation Testing

Automation is a testing approach that allows you to gain info faster on the quality of your product through a list of automated checks.

Our test engineers take the time to analyze your test coverage and automate test scenarios designed for improving the quality of your product and speed up the process of your development cycle.



Performance Testing

By analyzing your users and their behavior, our performance testers can define test plans that help ensure that your product performs under pressure and meets the expectations of your users.

With the right approach defined, our testers provide clear and precise reports which make sense to you and help you make the right decisions on your deployments.




We believe that your AI will be as intelligent as the data provided, therefore it is important to ensure that accurate and precise data must be provided. By training, validating and testing your AI systems we can help you deliver on your business goals through AI.




The concept behind security testing is to audit and identify the vulnerabilities of client applications to prevent loss of data, money and brand integrity caused by cybercriminals.

Our team of experts analyze the applications under the ISO 25000 and ISO 27000 family standards and provide the necessary reports to help customers in improving the security of their applications.



QA Consulting

The focus of our consulting work is on raising the bar on the value that is being delivered by QA. We perform a gap analysis on the processes, skillsets, and culture within the scope of QA and offer solutions that can help breach any gaps.

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