Software testing


How can companies make QA a priority without breaking the bank?

In almost every case where QA is concerned, it helps companies save money before they lose large amounts of it allows...

By Maria Tejeda 12/21/2020 1

Digital Transformation and IT Trends for Business in 2021

  The new normal arrived in early 2020 to change things for good. The technology sector’s modernization,...

By Federico Rodríguez Buvinic 01/28/2021 0

What is Context-Driven Testing?

Have you ever wondered what context-driven testing is? What projects could be fulfilled with this methodology? When...

By Alex Dillon 03/18/2019 0

Why complete Automated Coverage is actually a bad idea

Wouldn’t it be nice to have 100% coverage of a system with automated tests? Imagine it. Not having to do any manual...

By Mike Arias 04/01/2019 0