Software testing


What is Context-Driven Testing?

Have you ever wondered what context-driven testing is? What projects could be fulfilled with this methodology? When...

By Alex Dillon 03/18/2019 0

Why complete Automated Coverage is actually a bad idea

Wouldn’t it be nice to have 100% coverage of a system with automated tests? Imagine it. Not having to do any manual...

By Mike Arias 04/01/2019 0

How to design Good Manual Tests for any feature?

Picture this, you’re in a team working on a new product and you need to design a test plan for it. It’s the first...

By Mike Arias 05/07/2019 2

Stop being Objective when it comes to Quality

In general, we tend to be subjective about quality because we tend to think that what we perceive to be of quality, is...

By Alex Dillon 03/31/2020 0