Software testing


How to design Good Manual Tests for any feature?

Picture this, you’re in a team working on a new product and you need to design a test plan for it. It’s the first...

By Mike Arias 05/07/2019 145

Why complete Automated Coverage is actually a bad idea

Wouldn’t it be nice to have 100% automated coverage of a test system? Imagine it. Not having to do any manual tests...

By Mike Arias 04/01/2019 0

What is Context-Driven Testing?

Have you ever wondered what is context-driven testing? What projects could be fulfilled with this methodology? When...

By Alex Dillon 03/18/2019 0

Our Software Testing Philosophy behind our QA Services

Our Software Testing Philosophy We need to be a transparent company with our clients; that is why this article talks...

By Alex Dillon 11/07/2018 0