Distributed teams


Bad Practices in a Distributed Team

As explained in the article benefits of working with a distributed team, there are lots of gains involved when...

By Diana Chavez 07/22/2019 0

My Experience Working in a Distributed Team- Sigfrido Pujols

Being part of a distributed team, as can be imagined, came with the package. A definite perk of it has been the traffic...

By Sigfrido Pujols 06/20/2019 1

My Experience Working in a Distributed Team- Julia Sizova

In 2017, I got married and moved to the Dominican Republic. Working at TechAID provided me with a completely new...

By Julia Sizova 0

Distributed Teams Answer the Call to the H-1B Visa Issue

In an article by Nick Kolakowski entitled H-1B Visa Approvals Declining, Despite Critic Claims, it becomes evident that...

By Alex Dillon 06/10/2019 0

Benefits of working with Distributed Teams

How can a company hire top talent, without geographical and cultural barriers? How can you reach your customers if they...

By Diana Chavez 11/05/2018 1