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By Maria Tejeda 10/26/2020 0

How to Grow Your Team Without Losing Control

When starting a business, the main objective of any entrepreneur is to grow or maximize profit while reducing costs. However, once profit maximization becomes contingent on growing business to the tune of hiring more employees and increasing overhead, expenses start adding up. Not to mention that, if business growth happens suddenly and is to a larger scale than anticipated, it can be easy for CEOs and managers to feel like they may lose control of the business itself.


Now, how can you, as a business owner, prevent the loss of control in your company while pushing for growing your business operations? How do you manage the scale of your business growth, especially when factoring in the possibility of remote workers and/or distributed teams? Keep reading to find out!


Hire for the Culture


When your business begins to grow and you’re considering expanding your team, it’s important to keep in mind who will be a good fit for your current employee setup. Hiring for the culture entails keeping your company values in mind and not letting the possibility of growing your business deter you from keeping your current employees comfortable with the new additions. Losing control of your business starts at the core of your organization. Don’t let the future undo all the hard work you put into your past!


Keeping team traditions alive, albeit adjusting them to size, boosts your employees’ morale and acts as a friendly bridge between the established team and your new hires.  Karaoke Wednesdays or bringing a popcorn machine to the office on Fridays could truly boost employee morale. However, due to the current state of events, keep in mind that in-person socializing should be kept to a minimum!


Draw a Clear Path


When looking not to lose control of your business, clearly defined objectives for every person on your team will help you reach your business goals faster, and more efficiently. As your business grows, you have to make sure that the new team members understand what every established employee does in the average workday. Drawing a clear path involves setting clear goals and policies for new hires just as much as for seasoned employees.


These goals and policies ultimately benefit everyone in the long run, seeing as new employees won’t find themselves scrambling for work or doing nothing all day, and older employees will be able to continue their current workflow without having to worry about holding anyone’s hand during the workweek.


Delegate and Trust

Growing your business
means you’ll have less time with each new team member that joins your organization. When you delegate leaders to manage teams, they’re able to take off the burden of having to do everything yourself for your new hires. However, it’s important to remember that, once you delegate responsibilities, you’ll need to trust those delegates to do a good job.

As a manager or a CEO of a
growing business, it’s normal to worry about losing control of your business as it gains traction. This worry shouldn’t discourage you from handing off some of the responsibilities to your more experienced employees, though, especially when they have proven to be trustworthy and hard workers.

According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology,
people perform worse when they’re being watched, so micromanaging your leaders — and their subordinates by default — could be detrimental to your productivity, therefore impacting your business growth.


Consider Remote Workers and Distributed Teams

If you’re serious about
growing your business, not lose control while doing it, and saving money on overhead and the entire hiring process, consider remote workers and distributed teams!


Both options allow you to reach a wider pool of talent for your business while keeping your expenses minimal. Remote workers can be part of a distributed team when they’re not geographically close to your operation’s headquarters. These workers adopt a work-from-anywhere approach and can bring you unprecedented success in your growing business just by paying close attention to communication and keeping the previous points mentioned in the blog in mind.

TechAid can help you
grow your business without letting you lose control! Contact us today for insights on QA testing, and let our distributed teams take care of the hard work for you!


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This article was written by Maria Tejeda
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