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By Alex Dillon 03/17/2020 0

6 Tips to Make it through a Quarantine

For many, the idea of not leaving your house and being stuck within the confinement of 4 walls is unbearable. It’s understandable since we as humans need to socialize, and a big part of socializing happens on our way to work and in our places of work. I know because, to a certain extent, I, too, went through this when I first started working remotely. So how can we keep ourselves sane during a time when we are being asked to quarantine ourselves voluntarily or even enforced in some places? Well, I’ve put together some tips that helped me before and are helping me now. I hope they can be of use to you as well.

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Remember that this is temporary and that it has a purpose. The purpose is to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and help your community stay healthy. It is everyone’s responsibility to do this. That is why as difficult as this is, don’t keep obsessing about the task of staying confined, this will only bring about anxiety and won’t change the fact that you still need to do this. Instead, focus on the goal; you are helping by complying and doing something for the greater good. If more people like you do the same, we will all get out of this quicker.

Within your space, you need to define the different areas you will use for your various activities. This will help your mind prepare for each activity and help you stay focused on each one. You don’t need a rather large space to do this; you just need to make some small changes. For example, if the only comfortable place you have to work is your dining room table, then move things around. Get everything you need to work ready and accessible, and make that space your office space, at least temporarily.

When you are prepared for lunch, clear everything out, and bring out the “fine china.” Sure it takes an extra minute, but that minute will be worth every second because you’ll be more productive.


Account for that extra time you spend on getting to work. Therefore drink that cup of coffee or maybe listen to your favorite podcast as if you were on the bus or train on your way to work. We are creatures of habits, and some of those habits help us stay sane. I need to take a minute to clear my mind right after work; otherwise, I get anxious and won’t be able to sleep. So make sure you enjoy those little things that help you prepare and decompress.

Most of us get up, shower, dress, and head out for work every day. Don’t stop doing this. Working in your PJs may look like the best thing, but give it a couple of days, and it will be a drag. You won’t be able to look back and tell when you started work and when you finished, and your productivity will go down again. Ensuring you don’t blur the lines between your different activities will allow you to keep the right work-life balance.

Some while ago, when my wife and I first started dating, we lived a continent apart. This was before WhatsApp or Facetime. I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy seeing each other face to face only every five months, but we made it work – we’ve been married now for 11 years.

The miracle is called the internet. We would have our dates over Skype and prepare for what I call virtual dinner dates. She would sit in front of her computer with a glass of bubbly, as would I, and we would eat together, chat and laugh. Could this ever beat the real thing? NEVER! But it helped! And if you are alone, I think it could also help you.

Find a time to call someone, preferably a video call, and chat it up. Talk about your day, and encourage each other through the tough times. And don’t forget to laugh; Remember, a merry heart doeth good like a medicine!

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