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By Diana Chavez 11/05/2018 0

Benefits of working with Distributed Teams

How can a company hire an excellent candidate that lives in another city? or,  how can provide support to a customer who lives in another continent? and what about if the customer has a different timezone or speaks another language?

To answer all the questions above, we only can answer: Work with a Distributed Team.

What is a distributed team?

A distributed team is one that’s spread across geographical boundaries and time zones. The key difference? Most people will be based in different cities and don’t often physically work together.

And, ¿What kind of benefits have the companies working with Distributed Teams?

1. Reduced costs  

A team or company that is partially or distributed can save on real estate expenses because it does not need a physical space to operate.

There is also a significant saving in payment of public services, rent, purchase of items of furniture such as chairs and desks. Not forgetting the savings in transportation for the company or employees and in time because not everyone can reach the exact hour.

2. Diversified experiences

Working with people from other countries help other people on the team to take advantage of each of the members’ experiences, becoming daily learning.

3. Acquisition of the best talent

Some people have an excellent curriculum, which adapts to the needs of the company but cannot be hired because they are not in the same city. But, if your company handles distributed teams in different parts of the world, this is not an obstacle, because you do not need to be physically close.

4. Increased Productivity

Some people have had to leave their jobs because they have no one to take care of their children or solid decisions such as the illness of a relative, preventing them from attending a regular work schedule in an office.

Working in a company with distributed teams thanks to flexibility regarding physical space, employees can take care of their children or be aware of their relatives without affecting their work activity.
An employee who is happy in his personal and work life has higher productivity in projects or work; It is not only for the money that he gets, it is also for the work environment.

Do you already have some experience working with distributed teams? Or would you like to implement this model in your company?

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Author: Diana Chávez.
Marketing Specialist of TechAID
LinkedIn: DianaChavez

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