TechAIDBlogHow can companies make QA a priority without breaking the bank?
By Maria Tejeda 12/21/2020 0

How can companies make QA a priority without breaking the bank?

In almost every case where QA is concerned, it helps companies save money before they lose significant amounts of it, allowing tech departments and developers to test a product or service before it is released to the masses. The point of QA is that, with this testing, companies can spend a small amount of money on that instead of large amounts on having to recall a product or service or pay handsomely to unhappy customers with their purchases.


However, QA can become costly depending on the size and scope of your project. It’s not the same for one developer to test an unknown phone app before it goes on the App Store or Google Play as it is for an entire QA division at Apple or Microsoft to test a new feature on iOS or Windows before rolling it out to users. Good QA testing means a good investment in the right team. It would help if you had savvy, eagle-eyed testers who would catch bugs and mistakes before you could even notice them.


But— how can you make that happen without sacrificing most of your budget on QA testing? We have some options!


Track your metrics


Instead of focusing on the number of tests your team is running, consider focusing on testing metrics. By tracking specific metrics such as the number of complaints from customers regarding product errors and not solely writing down how many bugs have been fixed and how many tests have been run, your team will be able to spend less time trying to bring down a number that may not directly affect how your product is working but will affect your financial budget.


The metrics you track will be specific to your company and your product or service. By making sure to run QA testing on the situations related to your product and your customer’s experience with it, you will be able to make it a communicative, tailored experience for them.


Focusing on the right stuff means less time spent on unimportant things. Less time spent on that means less money spent overall.


Automation is your friend


If there’s a step in your current Quality Assurance setup, or there’s one you’re considering implementing in the future, give some thought to automation. Instead of making two separate developers run the same tests repeatedly, invest in software that will do the same thing automatically and without requiring a paycheck. As the same point made above, less time spent on things means less money leaving your (or your company’s) bank account.


Of course, automation software can be expensive, so only consider this option if it will save money in the long run for your specific situation. After all, not everything that works for a multi-million dollar company will work for a medium-sized venture!


Consider asking for help outside 


Many companies reject the idea of good Quality Assurance testing because of the costs associated with establishing a good team of developers. Considering the office space needed, hardware and software required to run tests, paychecks, and the entire hiring process to find the right fit for an already-existing team… it’s a lot of headaches all at once. Not only will your financial budget be affected, but you will also spend a lot of time on this process instead of your product!


This is where a third-party team can help.


Hiring a company that only focuses on Quality Assurance testing will make it incredibly easy for you to just focus on what you need to do to make a good product. Here at TechAid, for example, we have a wonderful team that’s ready to put your needs first when it comes to QA testing. Byways of distributed teams, TechAid works all around the world, at any hour, running the necessary tests and tracking the necessary metrics to ensure you release a quality product.


We take care of the difficult stuff so you don’t have to!


Contact us today and we’ll be happy to let you know how QA and software testing can benefit your budget before it breaks it!



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This article was written by Maria Tejeda
Business Developer at  TechAID
LinkedIn: Maria Tejeda

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