TechAIDBlogDistributed teams“Working with distributed teams: the job of my dreams”- Noemi Fernández
By Noemi Fernandez 09/03/2019 1

“Working with distributed teams: the job of my dreams”- Noemi Fernández

When TechAID contacted me for a job interview, one of the things that called my attention the most was the idea of ​​being able to work from home. At that time, I saw it as “the job of my dreams.”

When they hired me in the Human Resources Team, suddenly I got ideas on how I would prepare my workspace, I was very excited. 

Some of the reasons why I considered the opportunity to work from home as one of the best things that happened to me were:

  • To avoid traffic
  • Not spend hours and hours getting ready to go out
  • Work in comfortable clothes
  • Have lunch with my mother and my brother
Noemi Fernández. Human Resources Analyst.


Although the idea of ​​working from home can look great, I confess my adaptation process was a bit slow. In my previous job, I used to share a lot with my co-workers (our lunch together, coffee or tea breaks). Those were some things I missed at the beginning, and sometimes I still do. But, it was changed over time since my current team is very dynamic and it makes up for the lack of sharing a physical space. However, there is no doubt that digital interaction will never be the same as physical interaction.

Communication is the key to success when you work with distributed teams. It is essential to educate people who are with you. You have to tell them you are doing tasks of your work and they must respect those hours.


Working with distributed teams requires a lot of discipline, responsibility, and organization

When you start, you can get excited about all the positive points that this work methodology has. But only when you’re working remotely, that’s when you can realize that not everything is rosy.

In spite of everything, my experience working with distributed teams has been very good; it has helped me grow professionally and personally. It also allowed me to meet and interact with great people from different cultures (United States, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile).


Considering both the positive and negative points, working with distributed teams will continue to be the job of my dreams in which I have the opportunity to learn something new every day.


This article was written by Noemi Fernández
Human Resources Analyst at TechAID.
Linked IN: Noemi Fernandez

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