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By Alex Dillon 11/07/2018 0

Our Software Testing Philosophy I

Quality – Impact – Purpose

It is vital for us to be a transparent company with our clients, that is why this article talks about our philosophy behind our software testing service, which inspires us and at the same time allows us to integrate with our partners.
It is essential that you have in mind the following question: What are you looking for when hiring a company that offers these services? 
Do you have the answer? Then we are ready.
This small space will shine the light of the quality, impact, and the purpose of software testing for us.


    • Your definition of quality is limited by your experiences. Therefore Quality is subjective.
    • The quality of a product is everyone’s responsibility. While software testing can gain information about the quality of a product, the whole team must be responsible to see quality through from the very beginning.
    • Your audience’s’ emotions, level of knowledge within the scope of what is being evaluated, and the expectations for such a scope can impact greatly what is perceived as good quality. Therefore all 3 points in its evaluation of the quality of a product must be considered.
    • The perception of good quality will be established by what the majority deems as good quality. Therefore, the following must be carefully considered:



    1. What are the needs of the majority and what is important to them?
    2. How does a similar product, utilized by the targeted audience, compared to the product which is being developed?
    3. If something is important to you, does it mean it is important to the majority?



  • With the passing of every day, software continues to integrate more within the lives of people. Therefore, the importance of software quality is growing at the same rate and it is becoming ever more complex.
  • The software must solve the problems of the consumers, otherwise, it has no worth.
  • As people are ever more immersed in software, it is even more important to provide software that will connect them rather than segregate them.



  • The purpose of software testing is not solely to find bugs.
  • Also, the purpose of software testing is to gain knowledge that will help companies make the best decisions in order to deliver the best quality within the scope of the business.
  • The purpose of software testers is to advocate for good quality within the team and to the stakeholders.


Next week we will continue discussing our philosophy behind software testing where we will touch upon our philosophy behind the approach to software testing.

Now we have to leave, but we will meet with you again next week. Don’t miss it! See you!

This article was written by Alex Dillon
CEO of TechAID
Twitter: @masterpiece91

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