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By Sigfrido Pujols 06/20/2019 0

My Experience Working in a Distributed Team- Sigfrido Pujols

Being part of a distributed team, as can be imagined, came with the package. A definite perk of it has been traffic or in this case lack thereof. And since we have the liberty to work in whichever environment you deem proper (has the right conditions pertaining internet connection, power, etc.), we mostly work in a comfy environment in which we can fully concentrate and give our best.

The best of working with other people from different cultures and languages

Author: Sigfrido Pujols- Lead Software QA Engineer

In the past 2 years, I’ve had the experience to meet with wonderful folks from different countries around the world. Folks that even though may speak a different mother tongue and perhaps have different cultures or mannerism, all share a common goal in mind, which is to put our knowledge and expertise on the quality assurance area gained through years of experience in the service of our clients and help them reach success which in turn continues to make us thrive.

This is an insignificant part thanks to the vision of the ever-changing technological world and the bold leaders who took the risk of giving the idea a chance. That idea is the one of having a team of experts which even though didn’t share an office space nor sit next to each other, are professionals and prepared enough to work in sync to achieve the task at hand.

Not everything is rosy!

Because like everything, it is not without its risks. With the wrong team or the wrong leadership, things can fail very quickly. For this, communication is the key to success. And thanks to the aid of technology we can close a bit of the distance gap by doing live meetings via the web with our teams and clients, to communicate the happenings on each project and be up to date to take the necessary steps/measures to ensure success above.

It has been quite a challenge and not because of that any less exciting to be part of a distributed team. Has been a great experience so far and not something I’ll be willing to change any time soon.

“I worked at an office for about 7 years and getting a remote job was a dream of mine for nearly that same amount of time.”


Author: Sigfrido Pujols
Lead Software QA Engineer of TechAID
LinkedIn: Sigfrido Pujols

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